Sunday, January 3, 2010

Announcing...Striving Bean

Dear Friends - it's with great pleasure that I announce my new blog for a new year:

Striving Bean -

Striving Bean is also on Twitter -

If you've been reading this blog for a while, you know about our Bean Challenge.  I've decided to expand on this idea:


Striving Bean – Helping you incorporate beans into your child’s diet.


  • I’ll try new bean recipes for my family and report the findings (the good and the bad); and…
  • I’ll offer tips & tricks you can use to encourage your children to eat beans

Why would anyone write a blog about eating beans?

I started writing this blog because I’ve discovered over the years that beans are fantastic food – and a bit neglected in the American diet. And I’ve  wondered – why aren’t families eating more beans?
As part of my recent efforts to make strides toward living a more “green” lifestyle, I started making bean-centered dinners one time a week – known in my family as our “Bean Challenge“.

I got creative in terms of variety – testing out which bean-centric meals my kids would eat – and discovering which ones they would outright reject!  With experience and continued recipe testing and tweaking, I’ve learned creative ways to incorporate beans onto our family’s plates. 

I hope you'll visit me at!  As for Striving Green - I'll pause this blog for a while.  My sincere thanks for your support!