Monday, October 5, 2009

Confession...and a few freezing tips

I have a confession to make: I let my garden go during the month of September.

Pretty much completely let it go...let it go to the weeds, left tomatoes unpicked. Shame shame shame. Why? Well I suppose I could rationalize. Here are my lame excuses:
  • September was a blur - our oldest started Kindergarten this year. I was very caught up in making sure she had a good start. Such a good mommy - doting on her daughter and ignoring the vegetables.

  • Scheduling changes this fall - It makes me want to spend my precious little free-time relaxing instead of pulling weeds. I suppose *some* people think pulling weeds is relaxing. I pity them (just kidding you two).

  • I spent some of my evenings doing short runs, slowwwwly building my stamina back from many years ago. I've got a ways to go on that front. Sorry - too tired to garden... I just ran 4 blocks.
Despite my neglect, we've had plenty of vegetables from the garden and our CSA. Ah, me. This was not a stellar gardening year - not even close. Just keepin' it real folks!

If you find that you have an over abundance of garden vegetables & fruit (or can't get through those berries from Costco), take a look at my Striving Green Delicious bookmarks under the "freezing" and "drying" tag (guess what I did this weekend?):

Garden - until next year: Try, try again.

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