Thursday, July 9, 2009

Veggie Challenge Summer '09: Weeks 3 & 4 & Grocery Budget

Here are the results from our veggie challenge these past two weeks:

I'm happy to report we have eaten almost all vegetables and not thrown anything away. That being said, I'd better check up on the kohlrabi, kale, and Swiss chard that are still in the fridge!

Week 3 included:

- Beets: actually, I had to throw this one away. I tried cooking in the microwave and burned it. My husband said several times that the kitchen smelled like a "smelly old sweat sock"....? I'm not sure who's sweat socks he's referring to. A beet farmer's, perhaps?

- Kohlrabi: Have you every had kohlrabi? I've seen it in the grocery store, but never bought it. I would liken it to spicy cabbage. I've been eating it raw, just chopping it up in a salad. That's why I like belonging to a CSA. I'm willing try practically any vegetable ESPECIALLY since I already paid for it.

- Sugar snap peas: kids liked them with coaxing

- Spring lettuces: So fresh & much better than store bought - I'm going to miss it when it's gone (*sniff*)

- Parsley and dill: I used some fresh, but it was wilting so I decided to dry the rest (hang upside down by a string until dry)

- Cucumbers, brocolli and strawberrries: everyone likes these

Week 4 included:

- Zucchini: sliced in a sandwich is good

- Potatoes: I don't normally like potatoes (wierd, I know) but farm fresh potatoes are so much better tasting.

- Cucumbers: A family favorite

- Swiss chard & kale: better hurry up and sautee

- Spring lettuce: *love*

- Basil: too much! I'll have to make pesto

- Brocolli: another family favorite

- Sugar snap peas: the kids were puzzled: "why are we having this AGAIN?"

Grocery budget update:

I originally thought we spend about $600/month on groceries for a family of 4. But in June, I discovered that we actually spent $774.22 on groceries alone.
Here's how June 2009 it broke down:
  • 11 grocery transactions (doesn't that sound like a lot? I was suprised.)
  • $315.68 at Super Target (we live really close to one)
  • $250.07 at our Co-op
  • $102.76 at a local grocery store
  • $42.72 for the organic vegetable CSA delivery
  • $36.78 at a bread outlet (I rediscovered these last month - I really need to start using my bread machine again)
  • $26.21 at the fancy expensive grocery store (I don't remember why we went there...)

How do I know all of this? We've been using to keep track of our electronic transactions. It's really helped us keep track of where the money's going.

Here's what I've learned so far:

  • We spend way more money on groceries than I thought
  • We run grocery errands more often than I thought
  • We spend more money on groceries at Super Target than I thought

It's good to have a baseline.

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Striving Green said...

I'm commenting on behalf of my friend. She is in disbelief regarding the amount we spent on groceries last month:
o.k. i just read your blog this morning.

your grocery bill is insane. truly insane. that must almost match the mortgage. and it's not like you are a family of overeaters.
and this is why i will say, "i don't believe it!!".

here is what i think is obvious and i know you agree. you need to track several months just like this and then do the average.
for instance, you may have bought so much in june that in july you barely go at all. my guess is your pantry and freezer are loaded.

so yes, do a three/six month average and then let's see....or better yet, a year. i want the end of year report!