Monday, July 6, 2009

First Blogiversary! Let's Celebrate with a Prize Drawing!

It's Striving Green's first Blogiversary! I cannot believe I've actually stuck with something for 1 full year.

I started this blog waaayyy back on 07/03/08. Thanks so much for reading and going along for the ride! Here's a little recap of the blog's intent:

Welcome to "Striving Green", the blog that focuses on one family's attempt to become more environmentally friendly by the standbys - eating organically, keeping it local, reusing, reducing, and recycling. I call this blog "Striving Green", with an emphasis on the "striving". We're not perfect; we're learning as we go along...

Yes, we are definitely NOT perfect. Nobody knows that better than we do. But chronicling our mistakes as well as our successes hopefully keeps us honest and encourages us when we see how far we've come. Also, I love it when you leave comments letting us know how you do what you do. We always welcome much needed advice. So Thank You again!

Let's celebrate - how about a prize drawing to celebrate Striving Green's 1st Blogiversary? (And I'll celebrate the fact that I've followed through on something!)

If you win the prize drawing, I'll send you a pack of "Natural Value" Unbleached Natural Waxed Paper bags.
Just post a comment on this blog about 1 "green" goal you have for 2009 & tell us all how you're doing so far. Warts and all. It's OK. I understand.

I'll leave the drawing open through end of day Thursday 07/09/09. I'll use to generate the number of the winner. I'll count the number of comments. If you're the 3rd commenter and the number is 3, you win...I'm sure you get the idea! One entry per person (that sounds so official).

It's my first prize drawing. I'll try not to screw up.

Good Luck!


Becky Egeland said...

Electric lawn mower - greatest thing EVER! All I have to do is charge the battery and I can mow both the front and back yard. No smelly, polluting gas mower for me.
Going green in Saint Paul.
- Becky Egeland

Khristin Sutton said...

The Sutton's decided earlier in the year to stop buying bottled water. We were up to two 24 packs everytime we went shopping. We bought ourselves several aluminum water bottles and try to use them whenever we can. We did have to buy bottled water for our big Fourth of July party (and a couple of times when we've been out unprepared) but we are doing what we can when we can.

Will and Ben's mom said...

We started a veggie garden in 2008 and are attempting to dry clothes outside more (note - attempting).

Thanks for sharing your hints, tips, successes and missteps!

-Ann Brannon

SSS said...

Hey, congrats on the blogversary!! Very exciting that you have kept it up for 2 whole years! (I've commented before as tiredofsmiling, and have been following for a while.)

I don't want to enter the contest, but wanted to comment anyway - watch, this will be the time my number gets picked!

This will sound silly but my one change has been to always bring my reusable mug to the coffee shop instead of using disposable cups. If I forget it I go back. It's made me realize how gross it is that we even allow disposable cups.

OK, I thought of another one - I am starting a little business and am trying to keep all the materials sustainable - from felted wool sweaters to minimalist packaging and walking to the farmers' market with all my stuff piled into a wagon instead of driving, I think every bit helps. It's my business so I get to choose how to run it and that makes me very happy.