Thursday, June 4, 2009

CSA Goods Arrive & a New Challenge

We got our first CSA delivery. We were told beforehand that it would be a light load. They were right, there's not much there (especially since we ordered a small box), but they started off right with some fine looking organic lettuces, spinach, asparagus, and green onions.

I'm proposing a new challenge to the family:
  • To eat everything we receive from the CSA and let no produce rot in the crisper.
  • To eat everything from our garden.
  • And if we can't eat it, either freeze it or give it to a friend, neighbor, or co-worker.

Let's call this Veggie Challenge: Summer '09.

I'll take a picture of everything that went into the garbage (or soon-to-order compost bin) so I can publicly embarrass myself. I've found that shame can be a great motivator.

An immediate challenge I see: it will be difficult to get the kids to eat lettuce.

In closing, I'd like to bid an fond adieu to our Weekly Bean Challenge. I'm sad to see it go, but I've lost steam in the bean department. Perhaps I'll pick it up
again with the same fervor I've had in the past.

So long bean challenge...I'll miss you. I can only speak for myself.


Becky said...

I'm all in favor of the "share with a co-worker" part of the Veggie Challenge!

Anonymous said...

regarding the lettuce challenge....when i was little your grandpa would tell me that eating lettuce would make me jump like a bunny....i don't remember if i fell for it, but it had an appealing ring to it. maybe try it on the little ones--although i know they're much sharper than i was at their age....(insert smiley face here!).

Annie Jones said...

Nice looking, if small, haul of veggies there.

Lettuce is one of the few veggies Kat will readily eat. Getting her to eat any beyond lettuce, green beans, and corn is bit of a challenge, though.

Josh, Molly, Lucy, Jasper and Oliver Gravholt said...

Your bean challenge really affected our family! I would love a recap of the family friendly "winners" of all the bean recipes that you tried over the course of the challenge.

I can't wait to watch your veggie challenge- and I agree with Becky... I can't wait for the "share with co-workers" part. :)