Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Morning Bike Ride

Now that Spring is really here (not "spring a-la-winter"), I'm starting to incorporate a morning bike ride. I like the gym - we used to belong to one. But we've decided to spend our money on other priorities during the warmer months. Besides, I think the fresh air does me some good, especially when I'm indoors at my office job all day.

Office life during Spring & Summer: no bueno.

I got the bike last year via a barter and have been enjoying it ever since. Luckily, we live near a lake that I can zip around in about 20 - 30 minutes. Here are a few pictures from the other morning:

Here's another view:Lest you presume I live in a wooded wonderland, here's a reality check. The bridge I have to cross is jammed with traffic during rush hour:

Oh well. I cross it as fast as I can.

Want to learn more about making your exercise routine more green? Read more here and here.

I liked belonging to a gym - we'll join again someday. But for now I'll enjoy the fresh morning air while I can take advantage of these precious warm days!


HaiVy said...

Your post is motivation to get my bike out of storage. My goal this summer is to use more than the 3 times I biked last summer. Gotta start somewhere.

I was considering joining the Y for a while, but I think I'll hold off until it gets cold again.

HaiVy said...

Just wanted to report back that we broke out the bikes this weekend and went for our first ride. Just to the southeast of our condo in Lowertown St. Paul is a great park called the Bruce Vento Nature Sanctuary. It's a nice little spot - quiet, clean, serene and so close to home. Even better, there are bike paths that are not too long and mostly flat - perfect for my fitness level (read: very low). There is a little parking lot, so if you don't live in the area, you can always drive your bike over to take advantage of all the trails.

Here's some more info: