Thursday, March 19, 2009

We've Joined a CSA

We've officially joined our first Community Supported Agriculture (CSA). Starting in May, we'll get 22 weeks of organic local fruits and vegetables, like these beauties:

This is the "Week 4" box. It includes: Strawberries, Peas, Red Romaine Lettuce, Salad Mix, Spinach, Zuccinni or Summer Squash, Kale or Chard, New Potatoes, Garlic Scapes, & Parsley.

I wasn't sure how many CSA vegetables we could eat per week, considering I'll also be planting my usual garden. So we decided to get a smaller box and split it. This is our maiden voyage - we'll learn more about how much fresh produce we can eat in a week. I'm guessing a lot. We go to the grocery store every few days to replenish our fruits and vegetables, so it will be nice to save ourselves a trip.

The cost for a smaller box size: $470 for 22 weeks. That's $21.36 per week for fresh, locally grown, organic vegetables (and some fruit). This is considerably less than what we typically spend per week on produce. And we'll be splitting our share in 1/2 so we'll be paying $10.68/week. We're lucky our kids eat lots of produce - but man, it gets expensive.

Typically, CSAs have a drop off site (a church parking lot, or even somebody's front porch) and you have to pick up your weekly delivery during a certain date and time. I lucked out my first year - the drop off site is at my employer because they're coordinating a CSA delivery this year.

I'm glad we've accomplished one of our 2009 goals!


Sue said...

You're going to love it! We'll have to compare notes throughout the season.

Martha said...


Which one did you decide to go with? I did that a couple of years ago and loved it. But we live so close to the St.Paul farmer's market, that I didn't do it last year.

I'm thinking about doing it again, though....

tired of smiling said...



Anonymous said...

grandma can't wait!!!

Annie Jones said...

I think you'll enjoy it. We were in one last year, but had to drive about 20 miles to our pick-up site. It was the nearest CSA I could find, though.

This year we aren't signing up. We may grow some of our own veggies, and I also found out toward the end of last summer that our local farmers' market is much larger than I ever dreamed it would be, so we'll be shopping there.

The Gruber Family said...

This sounds so great. I've never heard of this before. I might have to look into this here in Omaha!

I'm loving your blog. Very motivating! Your ROCK, Micaela!

Miss you!

:-) Jaci