Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Buh-Bye Microcomputer - Reducing

I'd like to publicly thank my friend for giving us a microwave she was no longer using. THANK YOU DEAR FRIEND!

She noticed our microwave was in rough shape and rusting out on the inside. Yeeesh. I knew it was time for a replacement. She offered use of one that has been sitting in her closet for about a year.

It's a stainless-steel beauty:

Especially when you compare it to our 1983 "Microcomputer" (?) microwave:

By the way, did I mention we have 2 microwaves? 80's microwave sits above the stove and shiny-n-new sits on the counter. 80's microwave is rarely used, due to its lack of power. I'm glad we benefited from my friend's keen sense of reducing. She figured why let a friend buy when I have a perfectly good microwave that is not being used?

Again, thank you dear friend! Some day we will get rid of 80's microwave - and have just one. That should be plenty.

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Ouch! said...

we waited until our approx. 20 yr old microwave oven started to smoke (Yikes) before we replace it with a new one last year... :-)