Monday, February 9, 2009

Viva Variety (or "I'm All Over the Map")

I'm all over the map on this post. I have a few updates to throw out there:

1) I'm planning a bean dinner for tomorrow night - Empanadas. Please let me know if you have any empanada tricks up your sleeve - I have never made them before. Ben from What's Cooking...if you're out there, I'd love to hear your tips! I have masa harina or flour to choose from. Check out his cooking site - it's fabulous!

I meant to make these empanadas Sunday, but instead we ate take-out. When I make plans for cooking and it doesn't happen...well...that kind of bugs me. It's a pet peeve of mine. But we knew it was a risk, playing with our kids' eating schedule like that. We decided to go to the bookstore in the late afternoon; by the time we paid there was a chorus of "I'm hungry!" and "WAHHH!. Chipotle was next door. How convenient for us. And them. Do they plan on families being famished after book shopping?

The kids got chicken - and didn't eat it. "Too SPICY!" I got beans (of course). I couldn't help but notice if we planned a little better, we could have avoided the expense and the whining. *sigh*

2) I was all about consignment store shopping on Saturday. I bought 7 spring/summer shirts and 1 shirt for my daughter. All brand names and pretty good deals. I bought a shirt that was originally from Forever 21. That's a mall store I will never set foot in. It's not because I don't like the clothes, it's because of the name. If they renamed it
Rapidly Approaching 40, I might reconsider.

3) And lastly, there's a video contest called "My Co-op Rocks". Spread the co-op love...submit your top 10 reasons why your co-op rocks and win fabulous prizes. 1st prize - a Mac Book.

Yep. I'm all over the map.


Martha said...

"Rapidly approaching 40" made me laugh out loud, sister :)

Catching up on your blog!


HaiVy said...

I love your "all over the map" posts. Maybe it's my short attention span, but I enjoyed the variety and topics you covered.

On the subject of Forever 21, the name isn't the only reason why it's scary to step foot in that store. I enjoy some of their clothes and, of course, the low prices. However, I think the only definition of customer service they've seen is "scowl at anyone who walks in the door or has the audacity to request a fitting room."

Ben said...

I really really hope this is not too late, I have been crazy busy. Anyway, if you have masa harina you might want to try this
If you want flour then you might want to try this

I like your all over the map posts too :-p