Thursday, February 5, 2009

Public Transportation: I'm a Hypocrite

I love public transportation. My first bus ride was in 7th grade with my friend Ann who knew the bus schedules inside and out. Riding the bus gave me a freedom I hadn't known before...I could go to the strip mall without needing a ride from my parents. Watch out County Seat, Hot Dogs and More, and Two Plus I come, bus tokens in hand!

Despite my adoration of public transportation, I am a hypocrite. Our city got a light rail system a several years ago and it's been a great success on all accounts. But I rarely ever use it. I don't need to - I have a car and a less than 5 mile commute. Taking a bus and transferring to the light rail would take 3 times longer than driving to my job. I value my car as a time saver and would never switch to public transportation willingly.

But a tiny opportunity to redeem myself arose this week: I had to attend an off-site meeting in a high traffic/pedestrian heavy area of our city. A co-worker mentioned how easy it was to take the train and transfer to a bus to get to the meeting. Fantastic - I was dreading the drive and public transportation was so far from my routine that it didn't even dawn on me.

I felt good about my choice that day. And my conclusion is still the same: I'm a hypocrite.

Are there any other hypocrites out there?


Ben said...

I would use public transportation if there was any in this city. One reason I miss living in NYC and Mexico City is public transportation because I really really hate cars. I guess we are all hypocrites to certain level, right?

Ouch! said...

No hypocrites here! But, if driving 5 minutes to work works why not? Remember it is better to live close to work than miles and miles away. I've bus to/from work as long as I can remember as that is my prefer mode (I now try to bike in the summer as well). I realized that public transportation is not for everyone. I do however wished that we had a BETTER system.

Since you are that close to work is biking in the summer an option?

PS do no feel guilty...

Martha said...

Yes....I am too. But, really, our city isn't set up very well for public transit. I use it when it makes sense (like taking the light rail to a sporting event).