Tuesday, February 17, 2009


I have never set foot in "The Container Store" (or the like) for fear that I would go completely bonkers and sign over my entire paycheck. I don't consider myself ultra-organized. My self-assessment is "B minus" - slightly above average with room for improvement. If only I bought some more "stuff" (containers, etc.), I could achieve organization nirvana. Right?

Probably not. For me, buying more containers isn't the answer - getting rid of stuff and making better use of the containers I already have typically works out fine.

Trust me, I'll set foot in The Container Store some day. I hope I'll have the sense to leave my credit cards at home. Until then, I'll stick with these "reusing theme" containers:

Milk jug holds tools (Ugly - keep hidden in basement)

Kleenex box keeps plastic bags organized (Ugly - keep hidden in drawer)

Baby food containers double as mini-containers for holding tomato paste (frozen) or spices.
No more babies. Planned.

Glass jars hold beans, rice, pasta (this one's a keeper - appealing purple top)

Anybody else have Container Store fever? Any tips for reusing items as containers?


Tina Vega said...

I like the milk jug organizers!

Sarah said...

I'm just the same way. I won't allow myself to purchase baskets or plastic storage containers unless I have a specific need, ie. storing yarn or cloth bags or a specific toy. And then I need to know specifically how big I need it to be and where I'm going to be storing said container. It's too easy to have lots of useful storage solutions cluttering up the house, ironically.

I like the little baby bathtubs you get from the NICU or the birth center at the
hospital. Henry got a ton of them during his rather long stay and I find that they're perfect for storing toys on shelves. I am still using the tubs I got from the NICU during Thomas's stay!

Lori said...

Oh man, I love the container store. Fortunately, I've only ever been when traveling so that limited my purchases. :)

Annie Jones said...

I don't know if there is a Container Store around here, and it's best I don't find out.

One thing I like is the squarish plastic boxes that Olay or Dove facial cloths come in. I have never bought the cloths, and doubt I ever will, but I've found the containers for 10¢ or even free at garage sales. They are the perfect size for holding my granddaughters ponytail holders and barettes in one of our bathroom drawers.