Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Smelling Like a Peanut Butter Sandwich & the Payoff

Winter is in full swing in the Upper Midwest. My tactic for making it through these next few months is to shelter myself from the weather as much as possible. Despite my shelter-in-place tactics, my skin bears the wrath of this season.

I thought back to a year ago, the last time I had a facial. Yes, I have definitely lowered my beauty treatment standards throughout the years. I complained to the esthetician about the horrid condition of my skin. "No matter how many different treatments I use, I cannot get rid of this acne!" She peered at my skin under her lit uber-microscope and declared, "That's not acne, that's dry skin". Copious amounts of lotion did the trick last year. This year, it did not.

I bought a 4 oz. bottle of AuraCacia Organic unscented sesame oil at the co-op and have been using it for a month. For about $6.00, my dry skin issue is resolved! Not only that, but I've noticed a reduction in breakouts. I apply a small amount to my face 2 times a day - once in the morning and once at night. I predict this small bottle will last me about 6 - 8 weeks.

Another natural oil to try is straight-up extra-virgin olive oil. Putting natural oils on your skin might sound a little strange if you've never done this before. And you may be concerned about smelling like salad dressing or "a peanut butter sandwich" (according to my daughter's comments about the sesame oil). But the scent eventually dissipates and the payback offsets those moments when you smell like a culinary school.

Have you ever given natural oils a try for your skin conditions? What were the results?


tired of smiling said...

If you want something a little lighter try sweet almond oil. Now I use a teeny bit of shea butter and that does wonders with our negative humidity.
Speaking of olive oil you should check out the "oil cleansing method". it's a skin cleaning method using a mixture of olive oil and castor oil. Massage it in, steam your face a little and then wipe it off (more or less). It works very well.

Anonymous said...

Why would smelling like peanut butter be considered a bad thing?!