Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Old School Entertainment - The Munsters

Here's an example of reusing and giving a once loved item a second life. This rag-tag album cover belongs to an old record of mine: "At Home with The Munsters - A Night with TV's Most Unusual Family".
I pulled this record out a few months ago for the kids and they like it so much that they listen to it a few times each week. It's a recording of the original cast (Herman, Lilly, Grandpa, Eddie, and Marilyn) proudly giving a tour of their spooky house, while talking to an audience of one - the child listening. Genius! This is what kids of my generation used to do before videos came along - listen to records of our favorite television casts of characters, for hours on end.

The Munsters have had quite an impact on our family. I found out from my husband that he used to have a crush on Lilly Munster when he was little. "Is that weird?", he asked? Um...yes. But at least I know who my competition is.


Anonymous said...

I like that picture of Lily Munster you posted!

Anonymous said...

my first laugh of the day (8:00 a.m.).
p.s. no need to worry about 'the competititon'....