Saturday, January 24, 2009

Foodie Gurus I Like

Today I'm inspired to write about some of my favorite foodie gurus. I was listening to a cooking show on the radio this morning, then this evening I got some great news: I won a cookbook from one of my favorite cooking blogs in a random drawing. So here goes: 3 Foodie Gurus I Like

Lynn Rosetto Casper
Lynn Rosetto Casper of "The Splendid Table": Lynn's 1 hour show is on NPR. You can subscribe to her podcast if you don't get her radio show in your area. She is a wealth of cooking and wine information without being high-falootin. I subscribe to her weekly recipe newsletter, and much to my surprise her most recent email included the following:

Ever hear that refrain, "the Age of Aquarius?" Well, welcome to the Age of the Bean. The bean is the new steak. No longer is the legume the standard bearer of counter culture; the bean is the new Vera Wang and Ferrari. People now eat ther filet mignon huddled in the dark behind shuttered windows while we bean lovers have finally found our place in the sun.

Awesome Lynn - I love the bean shout out! Our bean challenge got a little shot of inspiration and validation after I read this.

Lydia of "The Perfect Pantry"
I got some fun news today: I won a cookbook from one of my favorite cooking blogs "The Perfect Pantry". It's going to be a surprise - I have no idea which cook book I'll recieve; I can only assume it is one of the books pictured here.

Lydia has great recipes and her blog posts/photos will inspire your inner-chef.

The Food Guy
Tobie Nidetz is "The Food Guy". I was listening to his radio segment this morning. I really enjoy hearing his opinions and philosophies about local food/restaurants and I'm going to start following his blog. Tobie, if you are listening: I am a new fan and have not been following you for very long, so I'm not sure you've already covered this ground. Can you talk about beans some Saturday morning on the air, and let me know how you like to cook them? What are you favorite vegetarian bean dishes?

And, a random bean challenge update:

I'm playing catch-up with bean photos: Here's a picture of the Boston Baked Beans from a previous post.

Bean close up!
Who are your favorite foodie gurus?


Amy said...

Hello there Miss Striving Green! This is Amy P. I just popped over to your blog from your comment on Martha's post about our recent Sat. coffee date. I read a few of your recent posts...Funny, we are actually having a white bean dish tonight for dinner! With a little meat though...are your meals without meat? Anyway, I look forward to reading more posts. I completely subscribe to your decluttering/consume less philosophy. I've been working on this for the past several years.

Striving Green said...

Thanks Amy - I hope you'll continue to enjoy reading this lil' blog in the future! The bean dishes we've had have been meat-free, but I did use a little meat in the most recent one. I may use some in the next. I hop to post soon about that.

Great to see you on Martha's site and at the reunion - if you're on Facebook, look me up!(I don't think I saw you on FB?)

Cristyn said...

Thanks for sharing your Foodie Gurus. I've followed Lynn Rosetto Casper for a while, but I didn't know about Lydia of The Perfect Pantry. Her blog looks great.