Monday, December 15, 2008

Tackling the Cabinets

I've taken a lot of pictures in my kitchen for this blog, which has reminded me of how out-dated our kitchen "decor" is.  The first thing I said when we bought our house is, "We'll have to update the kitchen."  Six years and 2 children later, the kitchen still looks the same.  Maybe it's just me, but I'm not a fan of dusty-rose 80's Southwest theme wallpaper.

My husband and I were discussing the kitchen and I reminded him of how outdated it looks.  He seems to think the worst thing about our kitchen is the cabinets. He told me he doesn't like the cabinets because they are so grimy.  Wha?  I know we're not handy folk, but certainly we can clean.

I looked up some sources about how to clean kitchen cabinets in a chemical-free, natural way. Vinegar is the #1 suggestion.  The smell of most cleaners sends me for a loop and always ends in a headache, so I'm sure we'll go the vinegar route.  The side effect is the kitchen may smell like salad dressing for a while.

Now I have a task ahead of me for the week:  clean the kitchen cabinets.  It may take 2 rounds - it's been a while.


tired of smiling said...

If you wait a few years, it'll all be retro, and you'll be the coolest mom around.

Seriously, though, a new coat of paint can work wonders to give a room a new life.

As for the grime, I wonder what kind of grime it is? Likely greasy grime - fingerprints and cooking oils, and such - a microfiber cloth with plain old water is pretty good at taking a lot of surface stuff off.

let us know how it turns out.

Martha said...

Oh man.

It's amazing what one can live with, isn't it? For you it's dusty rose SW wallpaper, for me it's holes in the walls and wallpaper that's never been completely removed :)

I use vinegar for my kitchen cleaning all the time. The smell doesn't last long at all and I can clean the floors, appliances and cabinets in one fell-swoop. I'm a very messy cook, so the bottom the cabinets always need to be wiped down and de-chunked :)

good luck, sistah.