Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Merry Thriftmas!

We don't have a lot of Christmas decorations, so a few weeks ago I decided to expand our collection. Mind you, I'm not one for knick-knacks, chotchkies, or "dust collectors" (as I call them), but I thought it would be OK if we had a few more holiday decorations.

One of my favorite thrift stores had an event called "Merry Thriftmas" soon after Thanksgiving. The selection was tremendous. I was in awe of all the holiday decorations that people donated. You could get anything you wanted: Christmas stockings, ornaments, wreathes, trees, wall hangings, a huge selection of Santa hats, you name it.

The items we purchased:
  • Sesame Street "make your own ornament kit" - they had a box of about 20 unopened kits
  • Glamorous (?) purple/sparkly tree ornament that doubles as a small gift box. I knew our daughter would love this one. Anything purple + sparkles = impressive to her.
  • A slate wall hanging. I like slate. Don't know why.
  • Raggedy Andy tree ornament (a personal childhood favorite)
  • Hand painted snowman on a slate (again with the slate)
  • Thanksgiving potholder. We have nothing Thanksgiving-related in the household. This is it for now.
Christmas burn-out may soon be approaching, so try the thrift store next year. But if you're still into it, you may run into some good deals.

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