Saturday, December 20, 2008

Christmas Cookies - Broken Yet Delicious

We're being snowed in, here in the upper Midwest, so today we made Christmas cookies. I found a recipe for Hazelnut Butter Cookies and also made frosting from scratch with this Paula Deen recipe.

This has become my "frosting of choice". Not only is it super fast to make, but it tastes better & fresher than store bought. The last time I made it I used organic cream cheese. This time I used conventional cream cheese. I've discovered organic cream cheese makes my
"worth it" list when buying organic. It simply tastes better to me.

If you want to give these recipes a try, make sure you have lots of butter on hand! And follow directions carefully because these cookies crumble like crazy. We topped ours with a confusing color scheme for extra beauty.


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they were delicious!!!!