Sunday, December 28, 2008

Cabinets - Tackeled

This weekend I cleaned the cabinets. I didn't use a chemical based cleaner, like Fantastic, mainly because chemical cleaners give me terrific headaches.

I wanted to whip through the cleaning session as soon as possible, so after I gathered the necessary materials I set the timer for 30 minutes.

Here was the arsenal:
  • A bucket
  • A texturized microfiber towel (green towel)
  • Mr. Clean Magic Eraser (for the tough spots)
  • Warm water (lots - didn't measure)
  • Vinegar (1 cup)
  • Dr. Bronner's liquid hemp soap (1/8 cup)
  • 2 -3 drops of Wyndmere lemon-grass essential oil, for the scent. You don't need many drops, just a few.
The Dr. Bronner's soap curdled when I added it to the vinegar - weird. Not sure what that's about!

Cleaning took 32 minutes. I hope I never let our cabinets get that out of control again. I'm not proud...I'm just sayin'.

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Martha said...

Thanks for the 'recipe'! Don't you love those microfiber cloths?

Did you have a nice Holiday?