Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Packing a Lunch is Good for the Environment

"Green" your lunch by packing it and bringing it to work. You'll save on containers and save money too. A few tips:

  • Use reusable containers in your lunch, not disposable.

  • If you don't have reusable containers on hand, try wax paper bags instead of plastic.

  • Or, wash your plastic bags and reuse them with Bag-e-Wash.

  • Keep some dishes and silverware at your desk. Wash them at work, or bring the dirty ones home. Just remember to bring clean dishes back the next day.

Need a creative lunch to get you motivated? I love this tip on how to pack your own Bento Box at lunchinabox.net


Sarah said...

The cookbook Vegan Lunchbox was created by a mom who was trying to make fun and interesting for her son to bring to school. There are a lot of ideas in there that are easy and tasty. Also, it's easy to adapt them to a non-vegan diet by replacing "egg substitute" with actual egg.

Annie Jones said...

Great ideas!

My hubby takes his lunch almost every day, and we've been washing Ziploc bags and reusing them for years. When I worked, I did more of the Bento Box thing, although it wasn't actually a Bento Box.