Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Hold the Bottled Water

I was chatting with a colleague today about how both of our families have moved away from bottled water.  This summer I was turned off from bottled water because of the BPA scare, so our family invested in some Sigg bottles.  Now that I know how easy it is to avoid bottled water and the plastic that goes along with it, I don't have much reason to go back to the habit of buying bottled water.

Our method for avoiding bottle water is:
  • Invest in some good Sigg bottles.  There is no aftertaste with these lined aluminum bottles.  I bought a few stainless steel bottles, which have an aftertaste.  I hardly ever use those.  My experience:  Sigg brand is worth the extra few bucks.
  • If you have small children, buy some kid size bottles.  They appreciate the smaller size and holding the bottles is easier with these handles.  Heck, you might like the smaller bottles too!
  • Before you shop for your bottles online, visit for coupon codes.  It's a good idea to check out that site before you shop anywhere online.  Gotta save money where you can.
  • After you wash out your reusable bottles, fill them up with water right away and put them in the fridge.   You'll always have fresh cold water to grab before you leave the house.


Ouch! said...

Nice post...Here is my post in regards to the bottled water issue:

I opted for Camelbak BPA-free water bottles and thus far have been quite happy.

Check out this interesting book learn more about how bottled water became commercialized.

Striving Green said...

Thanks for the links. is where we bought our Sigg bottles from. I found a coupon for them on

And the book sounds like an interesting read!