Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween Wrap Up 2008

We had a great Halloween 2008.  Here's the wrap up:

- The pumpkin seeds turned out well.  They taste great alone or sprinkled on a salad.
- Our costumes were fun, inexpensive, and low time-commitment.  Thanks Savers!
- We gave our extra candy away to a free store for the poor.  I'm sure it will be enjoyed.

P.S.  I am supposed to be "Ugly Betty".  1 person recognized me.  

Hope your Halloween was fun!


Tina Vega said...

vI just mentioned to Tony the other day that there was something about her that reminded me of you... perhaps I was having flashback to the year your mom pulled out the poncho. Remember? You'd graciously agreed to model it. That image, along with the laughter and tears that followed will be forever etched in my memory (and scrapbook). Great costume!!!

Striving Green said...

I have the same poncho picture too! I thought I was the only one.

My costume idea came about when I had several people tell me I looked like "Ugly Betty". Note: this was without the costume, at work or running errands!

Anonymous said...

i have it too!!!!
p.s and you're sooooooo much cuter than 'the betty'.