Thursday, October 16, 2008

Week 13 Bean Challenge: One Dinner a Week

We hit upon lucky "13" for our 13th week bean challenge dinner. Both of the kids ate it, and our youngest went as far as to declare, "I like it!"

The pinto bean burger recipe is from and uses a minimal amount of ingredients. It's fairly fast to prepare. My daughter helped me prepare it tonight, that could be why I got more "buy in" from her during dinner time.

I prepared the pinto beans 2 nights ago. One night for soaking, the next night for cooking them. Then the 3rd night I made the pinto bean burgers. The remaining beans went to the freezer. I just need to do a little planning ahead, which has become easier with practice.

I cut the tortillas with a pumpkin shape cookie cutter and fried them in a little corn oil. The kids ate them right up and didn't miss the "chips" they had asked for earlier.

Also, I followed my usual routine of skipping the "unsavory" ingredients in the kid's version. But I did sneak a *tiny* bit of fresh garlic and chili powder in theirs. I'm trying to build up their "spice-tolerance".

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