Monday, October 6, 2008

Homemade Halloween Costumes

Halloween is approaching and this is my first attempt to make home-made costumes from thrift store items. I would describe myself as "craft-challenged", meaning I cannot sew, glue, bead, or cut fabric to save my life. Artsy, yes. Crafty, no. So, I look for guidance. My web site reference of choice is "Coolest Homemade Costumes". And any suggestions you have are needed and wanted!

Our daughter wants to go as Pippi Longstocking this year (with a subtle suggestion from her mother) and we're glad about that. Pippi is the "strongest girl in the word", after all! Our daughter went as Ariel the Mermaid last year, and I wanted her to try something non-Disney this year. (My conflicted feelings for Disney are for a later post.)

So far, we have for Pippi:
  • a blue plaid dress (thrift store)
  • a yellow t-shirt that I cut into an "apron" and tie in the back (thrift store)
  • Some red pipe-cleaners for pigtails that stick up (Target)...we can use them for crafts at a later time.
  • 2 pairs of long socks for "mismatching"...and she can wear them post-Halloween (Target)
Need for Pippi:
  • A pair of "clomper-stomper" black shoes...if I can't find at a thrift store, she'll just wear a pair of her own shoes.
  • Makeup for freckles (I'll use some eyeliner).
  • Some felt squares to sew on the "apron" as pockets
Our 3-year-old son wants to go as a ghost. So far, I bought a sheet from a thrift store and am looking to eHow for guidance. I'm still not sure how to make it...and I want to make sure it's easy for trick or treating. You would think cutting a white sheet would be easy, but yet again...artsy - not crafty.

Anybody else working on home-made costumes this year?


Apron Thrift Girl said...

My daughter wants to be the American Girl Molly when she had the Hawaii costume and my son a vampire. I terribly behind though and need to get going on these. I love your pippi idea.

Striving Green said...

Thanks Apron Thrift Girl. I hope I can get her pigtails to stand up like Pippi!

Love your blog!

Anonymous said...

how about pipe cleaners in the pigtails to make them stand up??