Monday, October 27, 2008

Fair Trade Month: October 2008

Every weeknight after dinner, I try to think of a "fun" thing to do with the kids.  It's my way of connecting with them in the evening after being at work all day.  Sometimes we play a board game or watch a video together (especially if I need to space out for a while), and tonight we baked cookies.  

Baking with a 3 and almost 5 year old is a little chaotic and messy, but fun.  And usually something gets eaten off of the floor.  

Lately we've been using "fair trade" sugar.  Fair trade means farmers receive a fair price for their harvest.  You can read more about fair trade at  

Coincidentally, October 2008 is "Fair Trade Month". Look for products with the fair trade logo.   

The easiest fair trade products to find in typical grocery stores are coffee, sugar, and chocolate. If fair trade products aren't mixed in with other products on the shelves, pay the natural foods aisle a visit. For fair trade fruit, give your local co-op or a Whole Foods grocery store a try.  Feel good about eating that banana!

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