Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Blog Action Day: Poverty

I'm participating in Blog Action Day for 10/15/08.
Here are 3 easy things one can do to help those in poverty. And they're all free (costs you nothing) & green (reduce/reuse/recycle). And you'll feel good about helping out those in need.
  • Make a "donation box"
    Keep a box in your basement, closet (where ever is out of the way) and put items in it that you no longer use. You don't have to fill it up right away, unless you want to. Just put items in it that you would give to a friend (not worn out or unusable, and be sure it's seasonal). Then donate it to a free store for the poor, like Joseph's Coat. Often times, people who visit these stores are the working poor who have very little money to spare for essentials.

  • Clean out your pantry
    Check your pantry to see if there are items that you no longer want or need. Of course, make sure it is not open, nor past its expiration date. Many of us have bought 2 of something, only to discover we don't like it (my recent case: pre-seasoned canned tomatoes). Bring your donation to a food shelf collection site.

  • Donate your old prescription glasses
    Pearl Vision has a drop-off bucket where you can walk in and donate a pair of unwanted prescription glasses. If you wear glasses, you probably have at least one pair you no longer want.
That's it. 3 easy ways to help others. Does anybody have other ideas for free ways to help those in poverty?

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Ellen said...

Found your site via your comment on Zen Habits. I'll be checking back. We've been trying to go more green as well.