Monday, September 1, 2008

Zero VOC Paint

We recently bought some zero-VOC paint from Home Depot called Freshaire. I want to paint the downstairs bedroom and thought we'd give this paint a try.

VOC stands for Volatile Organic Compounds. It appears as though there is all kinds of toxic stuff in regular paint - bad for your health and bad for the environment.

The smell of fresh paint bothers me so much that I have to keep far away from it. It gives me headaches, like many other strong chemical smells, perfume included. I'm looking forward to putting the $36/gallon price tag (ouch!) to the test. Other gallons of paint were $20 less. If it doesn't give me a headache, I'll never go back to cheap paint.

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Peter Edstrom said...

We've switched to sherwin williams for all of our paint years ago. We buy it because it coats really well, doesn't drip, and has no smell (and thus no headache's). I've never bought it because of any green reasons, but it looks like they have some "GreenSure Initiatives".