Monday, September 1, 2008

Thrift Store Score

The other day while running errands, we happened upon a thrift store. This thrift store is in an affluent suburb, so we figured we would find some gently used stuff. Here are the used goods we got for $15:
  • 3 Movies: Grease, Peter Pan, Strange Brew (VCR version)
  • 2 books: An Arthur book and Peter Pan book
  • A girl's hoodie, which looked brand new
  • 2 pairs of kids brand new slippers (looked like a Target overstock)
If you still have a VCR like we do, a whole world of thrift store entertainment opens up! We've watched 2 out of 3, and the movies still work.

Also going along with our effort to simplify and declutter, I got rid of some other items in our house since we brought in some new items. Mainly clothing and books the children no longer read.

Does anybody like thrift stores as much as I do? What do you like to buy?


Annie Jones said...

I love thrift stores (and garage sales). I like to buy books, clothing, kitchen items, just about anything. I especially like buying clothes for myself; I know that since they've already been laundered, the way they fit when I try them on at the store is the way they'll fit after I take them home.

Sarah said...

I love a good thrift store/garage sale/consignment shop.

Mainly I look for children's items--particularly clothing. It seems to be more difficult to find second-hand children's clothing at garage sales, though. My best luck is at Once Upon a Child.

Ira said...

Unique in Burnsville is a great thrift store. I go there about once a month. I've gotten clothes, an awesome bike for child #1, sports equipment for the kids, and brand new dress shirts.