Thursday, September 11, 2008

Thrift Store Score 2

While between errands, I made a quick stop at a nearby Thrift Store. This is what we got for $20:

  • A Ralph Lauren jean jacket (for me). The best score of the trip.
  • A girl's Hanna Andersson shirt for next fall
  • A girl's Children's Place shirt for next fall
  • A pair of crop pants for next summer (for me)
  • A plaid flannel dress for our daughter - the beginnings of this Halloween's "Pippi Longstocking" costume
I've read the book "America's Cheapest Family" and picked up many great money saving tips. By far, my favorite tip is to buy clothing in sizes/seasons ahead, that are either at the thrift store or on sale at a retail store, then inventory in a notebook what you have. That way, you won't overbuy, and you'll be ready for the next season. Just get the clothes out of the attic.

Amazing - being thrifty and "green" often overlap!

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Annie Jones said...

I like the idea of buying clothes for myself at the end of the season to use next time the season rolls around. I try to do the same with Kat, but I have more trouble since I don't really know what size she'll be wearing when the season comes around again. Some things, like tops, I can guess at fairly well. With other things, like shoes, I'm taking my chances.