Wednesday, September 17, 2008

$250 Room Decoration Challenge

I like a good challenge, so I'm creating another one for myself. I want to redecorate a room in our house by using *mostly* re-used items.

It's a finished bedroom in our basement that we'd like to turn into an office. Right now it's a bright "boy blue". It has been blue ever since we moved here (about 6 years ago) and we've never gotten around to repainting it (don't want to rush things, you know...). At least we took off the wallpaper border, which was a football scenario from the previous owner. It's a great room, we just haven't used it to its full potential.

Here's how I'd like to redecorate, and my order of preference:
  • Repurpose / reuse what we already own
  • Purchase reused items (thrift, consignment)
  • Purchase new, but try to be eco-conscious with these purchases
The budget I've given myself is a $250. I won't count the paint we bought recently. I came across this figure after browsing in a book store and ran across a book called the $500 Room Makeover, and figured "why not try for 1/2 that amount"?

I'm not so sure that our office will look as fabulous as those pictured in the book, given our halved budget and my lack of interior design instinct. But I like to be creative, so I'm willing to give it a shot. If you have any suggestions as we roll along, please feel free to shout them out!

Yeesh...needs major help.


Peter Edstrom said...

My vote: Ikea.

Striving Green said...

Great idea! Love their eco-friendly space-saving packaging.