Wednesday, August 27, 2008

State Fair

Every year we go to the State Fair. Our experience usually consists of rides, food, walking, food, aimless wandering, food, crop art, food.

I noticed a composting area at the fair this year. It was situated by the roasted corn booth.

My favorite thing to do at the fair is to view the Crop Art. If you aren't sure what Crop Art is, take a look at Lillian Colton - "The Seed Queen"

Yes, it's very geeky. I guess that's part of my charm!

The attention to detail is amazing - all done in seeds and beans. Here's a sample of her work in the background. This is as close to Johnny Carson and Albert Einstein I'll ever get! (Um, especially since they are no longer with us.)

There was also a bean exhibit, so of course I had to take a picture. Pay no mind to the scary baby dolls. Apparently, beans are used in everything, from Friskies to Fancy Cakes. Although I'm guessing the Fancy Cakes have soybean oil in them.

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Ouch! said...

Nice. The fair is a great place people watch and eat, eat and more eating...Can they really compost cooked, buttered and salted corn? I thought you can compost only raw materials?