Thursday, August 14, 2008

One magazine has three lives

We get the New Yorker magazine, third-hand (as opposed to second hand). The first person who has the magazine is a stranger to us. The second person is my mother (the stranger to us is her neighbor), and the third person is us.

I've never read the New Yorker until I started getting it third hand. I would never think to subscribe to it. But since I've been reading it I've gotten a lot of enjoyment out of it. The recent 16 page story about Barack Obama's Chicago politics days was enlightening (not to mention sleep took me 2 evenings to get through it), and this recent humorous gem called "Fourteen Passive-Aggresive Appetizers" are articles I would have missed, if it weren't for the magazine hand-me-downs.

Sure, I could read magazine articles on-line, but I usually spend my online time on other duties as assigned (bill paying, looking up driving directions, blogging). Besides, I love the following equation:

lamp light on + overstuffed chair + sipping tea + reading magazine = relaxing

What do you think of magazine hand-me-downs? Do you pass along magazines? Do you receive them from somebody else? Odd - I seem to appreciate magazines that I get second hand more, rather than those I subscribe to.

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Peter Edstrom said...

I'm in a down period - not reading any magazines. But Sarah trades regularly with both of our parents. Not sure if she is the 2nd reader or 3rd. But once she is done they get sent on elsewhere.