Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Week 2 Bean Challenge: One Dinner a Week

Another bean challenge dinner fulfilled! I wanted to be a little more creative tonight, but time did not permit. This dinner took about 30 minutes to prepare: Tostadas.

Although I love tortillas (I ate a lot of them growing up), sometimes I get a little tired of eating them out of the fridge. So I thought I would pan fry them. I also thought the kids would like a little variety with their tortillas (yes, they are eating a lot of them too, as they grow up!)

First I cut the tortillas in smaller circles (for little hands) by tracing with a knife around a glass. I was able to get 3 tortillas out of one this way.

Next, I browned them in a pan with a little canola oil (corn oil would be tasty too).

I cut up the remaining tortilla "scraps" and browned them in the pan with a little paprika and sea salt, to make "chips". By the way, you could bake all of this in the oven with little or no oil, but it was too hot to turn on the oven today.

See picture on the right to check out the amount that came from just 3 small "fajita" style tortillas!

Next is corn on the cob. You can cook it fast by wrapping it in plastic wrap and cook in the microwave for several minutes, depending on the amount you cook at one time (2 whole ears take about 9 minutes in our microwave).

I warmed up some left over red pepper and fresh green onion (this is for the "adult" tostada toppings).

Then I warmed up a can of vegetarian refried beans. I used the same skillet for all, since I'm not a fan of cleaning pots and pans. Plus, it conserves water.

Here it is served.

I added fresh organic tomatoes from our garden (yellow pear and cherry) on the side, topped the kids version with cheese and the adult's version with sauteed vegetables.

Best of all...the kids ate it!

I'm still on the lookout for bean dinner recipes. If you run across some tasty ones, I'd love to hear from you.


Anonymous said...

I DARE you!
If you are going to stick with the weekly bean challenge, it only makes me think you need to experiment with using dried beans. You will soon learn for yourself the multiple advantages of dried versus canned. The learning curve is small, and the gain is huge. Game ON!

Striving Green said...

Thanks for the dried bean "shout out"! I agree, they are advantageous - one of them being cheap, the second being you can buy them in bulk and skip the can. I particularily like dried lentils, those are fast cooking.

I make dishes from dried beans, such as black-eyed pea patties, falafel, lentil loaf, hummus, black bean soup, etc.

And yes, you are right, the learning curve is small (soak 'em and cook 'em - as long as you have the time...or a crock pot if you don't).

If you have any favorite recipes, feel free to pass them along. Thanks for the comment!

Annie Jones said...

I never soak my beans first. They always turn out just fine anyway.

I love that you cooked everything in the same pan! I do that, too, when I can. At holiday time, if I'm baking a lot of cookies, I start with the light (color and flavor) ones first, then work my way to the darker ones. That way I never have to wash my mixer or bowl between batches. :)