Thursday, July 10, 2008

Kids Soap - make your own

There is a certain kind of kids soap we used to buy: Kandoo. We liked it because it created an enormous amount of suds, which at least gave us the perception the kids are getting their hands clean. Plus, our daughter likes the purple plastic bottle.

And I like the bottle too. My reason is not the color, but the shape of the bottle. It's got a flat chunky bottom, which balances on the sink better than any other refillable bottle we've ever used.

The major turn off is they didn't sell refills. So, every time we ran out, we had to buy an entirely new bottle. Tremendous waste! Recently, Kandoo started selling refills. Really small refill bottles. Ugh...more plastic in the landfills.

So, we decided to make our own refill soap. And it works great!

Kids soap recipe:

- Fill the kid's soap bottle with water (leave room at the top)
- Add a few squirts of Dr. Bronner's soap (we bought the Hemp Fair Trade variety)
- Shake it up! May need to shake occasionally to get the bubbles going again.

If you don't have Dr. Bronner's on hand, you can try this recipe:

Kids soap recipe II:
- Fill the kid's soap bottle with water (leave room at the top)
- Add a few squirts of any liquid soap
- Add a few drops of oil - not too much (we used sweet almond oil, but I think olive oil might work too)
- yes...Shake it up!

Once and a while, the pump breaks down and we have to buy a new one (2 - 3 times a year). That's definitely fewer bottles than we were buying before!


Sarah said...

What a great idea! And very easy to do since they started selling Dr Bonner's at Target.

Lita said...

among the many other items available there, mississippi market has several different kinds of liquid soaps (body, dish) and shampoos in their bulk containers from which you can fill your reusable containers.

Sarah said...

I saw Kandoo soap when I was at Targt today and I bought a bottle of the green soap. I'm looking forward to trying the refill recipe, but I'll also say the green soap is pretty exciting, too!

Striving Green said...

Sarah - let me know what you think after you try your first batch. You may have to experiment with the amount of Dr. Bronner's or liquid soap/oil you use.

I think the Dr. Bronner's works better because it's already liquified and less drying to the skin, but I wonder if you just let some soap refill "melt" in a glass of water first, if that would work well too.

We also keep one Kandoo bottle in the kitchen and one in the bathroom. It's handy in both rooms.

Yes, the green soap is pretty cool for both kids and adults. But when we ran out of the green soap, I told the kids..."Hey, now we have white soap!" and they bought it!