Monday, July 28, 2008

I (heart) the Library

I am making a public proclamation regarding my deep love for the library. One of the environmentally conscientious things about the library:

You borrow, then return.

No extra book production (read: paper) necessary. That goes for music CDs and videos too (plastic and more plastic)

Here are some of the library items we have in our house currently:
  • Arnie the Doughnut (a tape story narrated by the actor Michael McKean)
  • A children's numbers / counting book
  • A Berenstain Bears children's video
  • A Maurice Sendak Little Bear children's video
Some recent returns were:
  • A Replacements CD to round off the collection as well as a Bob Dylan CD.
  • Several Vegetarian Times magazine back-issues
And how great is this? We can reserve books, CDs, and videos on line. Here are some items that I am awaiting:
  • What to Eat: Marion Nestle
  • Animal, Vegetable, Miracle: Barbara Kingsolver (I've been reading a lot about food lately!)
  • When you are Engulfed in Flames: David Sedaris
Regarding the David Sedaris book: I am #217 of 220 holds. There's nothing wrong with a little delayed gratification! I'm sure I'll appreciate it more this way.

The next time you get the urge to buy brand new books, give this a try: Go to the book store armed with a pen and piece of paper, browse the books, and write down all of the ones you will reserve from the library!


Amy said...

I love the library too! Our little town's library is a small, old pole barn with little selection, but I love that we can go to other libraries-even ones outside our county, closer to the kids' school. And browsing online and sometimes ordering from other libraries to save me the drive is so slick. Before we go on a roadtrip, we head to the library to check out (FREE, although some libraries charge .50 for new releases) children's DVDs for the trip. I'm not out any $, and the kids have the option of watching something they haven't seen before. (And it keeps the sibling rivalry to a minimum!) Oh, and their summer reading programs (read for prizes) and summer kid programs (magicians, crafts, entertainers, storytellers/authors) are free and fun, too!

Ouch! said...

Our family love the library as well. We try to go at least once a week and generally have a stack of books/magazines from the library. I just requested Kitchen Confidentail and The Muppet Show season 1 after reading your post...although I have to say there is nothing like a new book...I've been trying really, really hard to NOT buy new books but instead use the library or purchase used from ebay, Amazon or half-price books!