Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Composting: and my weak excuses for not doing it

I don't compost.

I know that's not a cool thing to admit when you're trying to be environmentally conscientious. I want to change...really, I do. I have many weak excuses for not doing it. Lots. Here is a sample of the internal dialogue I've been having lately about my inability to get with the composting program:

I don't know how to compost.
Umm...have you ever heard of the Internet? You can research it. How about checking out this site? It's not that hard. You can figure it out.

My college roommate used to compost. It made our kitchen totally reek.
Yeah, your college roommate didn't know what she was doing. That old ice cream bucket with the word "Compost" written on it in black magic marker was a poor excuse for a compost pail. You can get a real compost pail, like this one.

I know your college roommate had good intentions.

I can't stand the thought of trying to build a compost bin with chicken wire, and then pitch-forking it all day long. The thought makes my back ache.
That's kind of lazy. But if you really aren't up to the task, you could buy one of these cool Compost Digesters. It's from the same company (Gardens Alive) that you bought your mole repellent from. Remember how the little buggers left your lawn within a matter of days? I'll bet this Compost Digester is real quality.

That's great - all those things you want to buy. But I really can't afford it right now.
All right, you got're not made of money. But you could save $5 a week for this stuff, couldn't you? Then you can have everything you need for composting next year.

I guess so. Here's my start:

...I'd love to hear your composting stories. I need the encouragement!


Anonymous said...

If you decide to buy, try to first see any of these options in actual use. The Digester has drawers you pull out and there is little room for compost. It generally is heaping out the doors, which then don't shut well. The barrel style works better, in my opinion. You need to first decide what you want to put in it (only kitchen waste, or also yard waste) and decide on a size that will suit your needs best, as they work better when the size and the volume are taken into account.
Also, in regard to the fancy bucket...What is wrong with making a deposit after every meal, or at the end of the day? It could become a family ritual, a game for the kids, and a source of endless extra steps in the attempt to stay fit. Imagine one day the kids fighting over the chance to take out the banana peel! Besides, composters work best with fresh rot, not week-old already rotten kitchen waste.

Striving Green said...

Thanks for the comments. Yeah, it would be cool to have the kids fight over the chance to take out the banana peel!

Sarah said...

We have a big bin outside that our county subsidized a few years ago. You'd have to ask Peter about the mainanence, but it's pretty minimal. I usually just have a bowl sitting on the counter that I throw stuff into throughout the day, or as I'm making dinner and then after dinner it gets dumped as part of the kitchen clean-up.

The only thing I do in terms of compost upkeep is that I will dump some water in the bin when we've had a few dry days and if it starts to smell I put in a few brown paper grocery bags.

I grew up in the country with hippy back-to-the-land type parents so I'm pretty used to composting everything.

Tina Vega said...

The hubby and I were just having a composting conversation the other day, a brand-new territory for me. I look forward to your green thoughts!