Sunday, July 6, 2008

Barter for a bike

Webster defines bartering as follows: "to trade by exchanging one commodity for another". This summer, I bartered for an item I have been enjoying all spring and summer: a bike.

There are lots of great things about this exchange:
  • I removed an item I from my house that I no longer need (a baby more babies for us!) It makes me happy when I can simplify our possessions.
  • My friend and I potentially kept the bike and play-yard out of a landfill.
  • Each one of us needed the item that we inherited. So, the items are much appreciated and used!
The reason this barter happened was because I mentioned to a friend that I wanted to buy a bike. She told me she had one she no longer used. I then thought, "What do I have, that she might want?" Thus this excellent exchange!

This barter got me thinking...what else could I barter? What possessions do I have, that I no longer want or use? And what items do I need?

I'm going to start a list of items that I own but no longer need. I can't help but think it's eventually going to be huge. I'll post the list as it grows.


Peter Edstrom said...

You might also try I've used it a couple times. Interesting concept, though you do have to pay to ship out whatever you are getting rid of.

Striving Green said...

Great, thanks! I'll take a look at it soon. We are inundated with movies we no longer watch. This might be the perfect solution.

KimandJerome said...

What a great friend you have!