Thursday, July 3, 2008

About this blog

Welcome to "Striving Green", the blog that focuses on one family's attempt to become more environmentally friendly by the standbys - eating organically, keeping it local, reusing, reducing, and recycling. I call this blog "Striving Green", with an emphasis on the "striving". We're not perfect; we're learning as we go along.

I'll tell about the "green" successes and challenges we have with day-to-day issues as well as new discoveries I stumble upon. I'll pose questions to readers, looking for your thoughts and suggestions on how to improve upon reducing our consumption of resources. Sharing information and "making ripples" is something I enjoy. I hope you enjoy reading and become inspired to "strive green" too.

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Anonymous said...

You may want to check out Barbara Kingsolver's book "Animal, Vegetable, Miracle." From the website: "Part memoir, part journalistic investigation, this book (released May 2007) tells the story of how Kingsolver's family was changed by one year of deliberately eating food produced in the place where they live. Barbara wrote the central narrative; husband Steven's sidebars dig deeper into various aspects of food-production science and industry; daughter Camille's brief essays offer a nineteen- year-old's perspective on the local-food project, plus nutritional information, meal plans and recipes." I think you'll enjoy it! LITAMN66